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Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy May 16th

Lagwagon May 16

Hello!!!Today is May 16th.

No more waiting on them
as you rise inside new rooms
It's official you've gone
you can live for no one else
Man the guilt must be huge
As there's no gain in failure you succeed at being mine
Yeah, old friend, see you there I will be proud from afar
I can paint a picture in a moment of memories and there aren't many left
I am extradited, uninvited
It's just another saturday
Take a step to freedom
You and her against this cruel world
Take a breath of shelter and exhale
Trust and allegiance
Liberate yourself from hell

It's just another saturday

It's been a enjoyable weekend for me.
On Saturday,the whole family went to JB.
We had an enjoyable moment there.
It's been a while since we last went there as a family.
We ate our hearts out and shopped till we dropped.
Thanks A Million Parents for the stuffs and enjoyment!

On Sunday it was Shah's younger sister's wedding.
Sadly only the 3 Fai's(Fairuz,Faizal & Me)attended it.
We even managed to do a "jackass".
*makan ice yer bang?*
After that i met up with theonewhofeelsme.
Did some window shopping at town & had snacks at Breeks.
even though i'm such a fucker.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Singapore Is For Lovers

Serenaide-Cameo Appearance

On Tuesday 3rd of May it was our 15th monthsary.
It's been a very long and winding road for us.
We've been through a lot of ups and downs.
The moments I share with you are unforgettable.
I may be an egoistic bastard at times but deep
inside I do love and cherish you alot.
I surprised her with the limited edition StarWars M&Ms containing Cp3O
and also the new dark chocolate M&Ms.
We had a meal of waffles with ice cream at Gelare.

Anyway,the Mighty Reds are in the finals!!!
Kudos to them for the hard work.
We'll be facing Milan in the final.
All the best to them.
It's been 20 years since we got into the final of
the most prestige club tournament in Europe.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


It's been a rock & roll week for me.
I've been always arguing with you but
no matter what I'll still love you my
chubby one.
Had a great time surprising Nab
with a meal & a cake at Pizza Hut on Friday.
Ate our hearts out,only Indra & me that is.
After that Effa & me headed to the damned POW.
Was there to catch Monroe.
For the second time in 2 Fridays I was asked to record a performance.
We only got to record 2 songs.
Sorry if it wasnt that nice.
They played well to me although the timing went wrong at times.
But the band and the crowds mood were dampened
by the damned KIWI owner.
I'm to lazy to elaborate it.
All I know is that all of us are not going there anymore.
ActuallyI enjoy every moment that I spend with you.
Saturday-Stardom Finals.
I Remember May won the band category as expected.
Had a great time at SP with the hooligans.
Hopefully they can acheive greater heights.
Sunday was family day.
We had fun at the esplanade and also enjoyed the
free food by Mcdonalds and KFC.
Fast-food Junkie Strikes Back.
There were performances by Taufik,Sly,Ning Baizura & others.
Sly was a damn ego-core manjen that day..
The day was ended with beautiful fireworks display.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Listening To Dyna Turmoil-Zookeepers Are Liars.

Spent the whole day with HER yesterday.
We had a fun time watching UNDEREDGE at Plaza Singapura.
I hope the vids i recorded for them were alright.
Their showmanship was great.
It's been a long time since I last played soccer with the DMN kids.
I felt pretty comfortable playing in defence surprisingly.
I know I havent been such a great partner to you Effa
but I really do treasure and love you a lot.
I'm very sorry that you have a crazy and egoistic fucker as a partner.

Presale Tix For 5th of June Are Available Finally.
So if you wanna buy please contact me.


Venue: Substation Guiness Theatre
Date: 5th June (Sunday)
Time: 2pm Till Late
Tickets: $6 *Presale. $8 at the door.

Bands Showing Their Stuff:

My Squared Circle
In Hatred And Gifted
A Vacant Affair
Shoe Size Nine
Sky In Euphoria
Ceramic Circle
Wishing For Armadale
Love Me Not
No Direction
Denouia(formally known as Discriminate Cookies)

Please do come and enjoy the show.
Organized by: Wheels

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Listening To-Edifice

Had a great time with Her & Hyder yesterday.
The photoshoot for her project was splendid.
Ate @ Zam Zam before we began our Diesel photoshoot.
Headed home after that.I'm pissed off with my pc at home.
Damn ignorant virus.
Kids nowadays feel that they are too cool and mature than adults.
They don't even admit listening to boybands before.Yeah Rite Balls!
Pics will be up soon!Goodbye!!!